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16-22 June 2014

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Britain's Top Picnic Spots Revealed

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The National Picnic Week team are proud to announce the locations that have made the definitive guide to spectacular picnic locations in the UK!

After travelling the length and breadth of the UK, sampling the culinary delights of this fair isle as we went, we’ve finally established just which locations you can’t afford to miss for the perfect picnic.

From the golden sands and crystal clear water of Barafundle Beach to the incredible views from Top Withens Farmhouse in West Yorkshire, the supposed inspiration for the Earnshaw family house in Wuthering Heights no less, these picnic locations showcase exactly what makes this country so beautiful.

"We’re so excited to announce our list of the best picnic locations in the country. Picnics are loved by British people because of our desire to get out into the Great Outdoors and the British countryside never fails to provide a stunning location for you to tuck into your sandwiches.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a number of these stunning locations and I really can’t recommend them highly enough. What could be better? Sunshine, sarnies and scenery – the perfect combination!"

Phil Browne - National Picnic Week organiser

A Very Special Picnic...

For any would-be picnickers in South-Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas, we recommend you head down to Burghley Park this Saturday (23rd June 2013 12-4pm) for Oliver's Picnic - a family fun-day for all ages in aid of the Histiocytosis Research Trust. The picnic is named in memory of Oliver Scholes, who passed away aged two in June 2012, and is organised by his parents Paul and Andrea.

There will be games, inflatables, fairground rides, face-painting and special guest appearances from Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam between 1pm and 3pm. Entry costs £1 for adults and 50p for children and promises to be a fun-filled day for everyone.

More information can be found at


National Picnic Week runs from 16th to the 22d June and aims to address some of the major issues facing the food and drink industry as well as celebrating the picnic in all its glory.

For more information on National Picnic week please contact one of the organisers:

Simon Cliffe
Tel: 020 7717 9696

Phil Browne
Tel: 020 7717 9696

The UK's Top 15 Picnic Spots:

  1. Barafundle Beach – Pembrokeshire
  2. Brownsea Island – Dorset
  3. Avon Valley Country Park – Bristol
  4. Formby Beach – Merseyside
  5. Somerset House – London
  6. Devil’s Dyke – East Sussex
  7. St Herbert’s Island – Derwentwater, Cumbria
  8. North Pennines
  9. Bodmin Moor – Cornwall
  10. Corfe Castle – Dorset
  11. Rievaulx Abbey – North Yorkshire
  12. Gibside – Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  13. Glenkiln Sculpture Park – Dumfries and Galloway
  14. Padley Gorge – Derbyshire
  15. Top Withens – Haworth, Yorkshire

Picnic Recipes

Some recommended reads courtesy of Amazon full of inspiration for putting together the perfect picnic food...

A Perfect Day for a Picnic - Over 80 recipes for outdoor feasts to share with family and friends Tori Finch

The Picnic Cookbook Annie Bell

Why Stay Indoors This Summer?

In the last few years Britain has taken some big leaps forward in its gastronomic preferences with foods from every continent finding a home on these shores.

There are millions of self-confessed ‘foodies’ packing out the luxury aisles of our local supermarkets and posting pictures of their creations on social media sites.

But there is one thing us Brits have always done well – the Great British Picnic.

No one can deny this fair country of ours has some absolutely stunning areas of natural beauty and for centuries people have loved heading out into the countryside armed with a picnic basket full of tasty treats.

National Picnic Week has been celebrating Britain’s love for an outdoor lunch for nine years now and in that time our love of the picnic has only grown. During the same time, the UK’s food and drink industry has grown as well. Of all the sectors, the food and drink manufacturing industry reduced it’s output least during the last recession and returned to pre-recession levels faster than any other.

In the wake of the recent ‘Horsemeat Scandal’, this year’s National Picnic Week is aiming to really dig down into the issues facing the food and drink industry and take a look at the challenges facing those of us who make our livings producing, transporting and selling some of the finest food and drink products in the world, as well as the industries who rely on Britain’s food and drink producers, like the tourism industry for example.

So what issues is the industry likely to face in the next 12 months? Phil Browne is one of the organisers of National Picnic Week, ‘Picnics are loved by British people because of our desire to get out into the Great Outdoors but if you want to enjoy the countryside, there are a few challenges you have to consider.

‘The weather is obviously one of them – what do you do if it rains? Our research has shown that more than 1 in 5 people worry about the Great British weather running their day. Keeping the kids entertained is another. The domestic tourism industry is worth a staggering £97 billion to the UK’s economy so it really is important that British businesses continue to provide world class entertainment to families.

‘Eating and drinking form central parts of British cultural life. If you think of Christmas, you think of Christmas Dinner; Halloween conjures up images of bobbing for apples and Shrove Tuesday has millions running to the supermarket shelves for eggs, sugar and flour. Where would we be without the food and drink industry fuelling the workers of Britain?

National Picnic Week, running from the 16th to the 22nd June, aims to address some of the major issues facing the food and drink industry as well as celebrating the picnic in all its glory.

What are the best picnic locations in the UK?
The UK is blessed with some beautiful scenery from the Scottish Highlands in the north right down to Dartmoor in the south. No matter which area of the UK you happen to be visiting, you’re never that far from some breathtaking sights. But how can British businesses capitalise on this? There is a real hunger in Britain for home grown, locally sourced products and many of these fill our picnic baskets.
What will be in the average British picnic basket this summer?
There are plenty of old classics that will never go out of fashion (Sausage roll anyone? No? Maybe a Mince Pie then?) but it can’t be denied that the British pallet has moved on a great deal over the last few decades. Influences from all over the world now pervade our dinner choices – but do they fill our picnic baskets too? We’ve been looking at how changes in British society have had an impact on British tastes and sensibilities in the last few decades and whether that process is speeding up or slowing down.
Has the British food and drink industry suffered in the wake of the ‘Horsemeat scandal’?
This year’s ‘Horsemeat Scandal’ dominated headlines around the UK for weeks and it would be naïve to believe that we have seen the last of the unfortunate story so how can the UK food and drink industry approach this sensitive issue? It would be easy to imagine that consumer confidence in food products is at an all time low but is this actually the case? During this year’s National Picnic Week, we’ll be looking at how consumer confidence has been affected by the headlines and what British businesses can do to turn this negative into a positive.
What can we do to make a good picnic great?
Enjoying a beautiful picnic in stunning surroundings sounds like the perfect afternoon to millions of people but if you have a couple of energetic children in tow, how do you keep them entertained? We look at the best products to keep little minds happy.
The Great British countryside can be relied upon to supply stunning vistas but the same can’t be said about the Great British weather.
What do you do if you wake up on the morning of the big picnic and the wind has taken a decidedly Siberian feel? Or worse, you’ve just opened the pork pies in your favourite location as the heavens open? We look at the best emergency picnic techniques to ensure your day out passes off without a hitch, no matter what the weather has to say about it.
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